Kristina Bell – Ministry Assistant

Mrs. Kristina Bell was born and raised the oldest of three children in the greater Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Always an excellent student, Kris graduated with an Elementary Education degree in 1995 from the University of Saint Thomas. She taught elementary school for 3 years, two years in the twin cities, and then one year in the Memphis City School system (a position she after accompanying her husband in relocation for his work). Kris also loyally worked for 5 years both full and part time with a customer relations company called the Planned Maintenance program. She did this while moving into child rearing. Since 2003 Kris has been a homemaker, home-schooling her 4 children. She is highly regarded in the community. She is varied in her skills doing odd jobs as needed and requested. Kris has a unique skill of adapted to do whatever is asked of her with both excellence and sincerity. She is loyal in church and a good friend to many.

In all the MEF programs, God is first. The Forum helped to make the association of marriage to Biblical beliefs. It helped us have a much clearer understanding that marriage is a reflection of your relationship with God. Greg and Jilanne Smith
Seeing the beauty of what marriage is meant to be motivated me to invest thought, time and energy into loving my husband better by God's grace. I'm thankful for the space it carved out in our busy lives, to evaluate our marriage and apply practices that help us connect to the hope we have in Christ as we interact with each other. Laura McCauley