The Marriage Enrichment Community

What is it?

The sophisticated work of Marriage & Family Enrichment is too much to accomplish alone. The gospel power that brings growth and healing is best worked out with the help of sincere, caring and trained community! Enlist and join our community effort to honor the Lord, by both honoring the covenant of marriage!

Foundation and Explanation

For several years Nathan Bell, and now the Center for Marriage & Family Enrichment, has been working actively in Lakeland, Tallahassee and the surrounding areas. His crafted and unique outreaches of the MEP the MEF and his counseling have had a marked impact on many families in those communities. One of the main characteristics of these outreaches is the pursuit of the gospel in and through authentic, Christ centered relationships.

The Vision and Goal of the Marriage Enrichment (MEC)

  1. To enrich these authentic, Christ centered relationships, by providing a regular and ongoing venue for meeting, instruction and the pursuit of marital enrichment.
  2. To bring like-minded and sincere men, women and families together.
  3. To allow for Christ Centered gospel pursuits to be enriched as we spur one another on!
  4. To both celebrate and testify of God’s wonder and glory as found through the gift of marriage.

Any individual that has completed one of ministry’s programs can join the Marriage Enrichment Community. These programs include: The Marriage Enrichment Forum (MEF), The Marriage Enhancement Project (MEP), the Intimate Fellowship Endeavor (IFE), and the Marriage Enrichment Weekend (MEW).   We also will be holding special training seminars that are ongoing for those who want to join, and who have not completed any one of the above. Make sure to email Nathan to express your interest.

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In all the MEF programs, God is first. The Forum helped to make the association of marriage to Biblical beliefs. It helped us have a much clearer understanding that marriage is a reflection of your relationship with God. Greg and Jilanne Smith
This is not your typical 'go out on a date and your marital problems will go away' fix. It teaches communication, expressing your feelings in a non-threatening way, and thinking about the other person - not yourself. But, the biggest part is that it is Christ-centered teaching and it focuses on a closer relationship with Him. I wish we would have had these programs years ago. Bruce and Linda Leber