Whit Dunham – Board Member

Mr. Dunham was born in Miami FL in 1958; he attended college at Wake Forest University and graduated with a business degree in 1980. Mr. Dunham initiated several small entrepreneurial endeavors from 1980 to 1982. He then began working in the manufactured housing industry in 1983 with Palm Harbor Homes, Inc. with roles in all facets of the industry. In 1990 he established the Trinity Group, Inc. with the focus of retailing manufactured homes on private home sites across the state of Florida. This venture was expanded to several retail locations during the 1990’s and the retail component was sold profitably in 1999. Mr. Dunham retained control of the Trinity Group after divesting the manufactured housing retail interests and ventured into various forms of investment. These investments have included; residential real estate, stocks, currencies, and futures. Mr. Dunham is currently the President of the Trinity group and actively involved in the investment management. As well, he is active in his local church and pursues many outdoor interests and hobbies, and he enjoys reading and travel.