Are Masculinity and Femininity Outdated?

The biblical ideals of masculinity and femininity have fallen on hard times in present day American culture.

Even in the church, discussions about what it means to be masculine and feminine can draw a negative reaction.

Why is this so?

I think a big part of it is that we’ve lost our awareness of the polarity God has built into the relationship between men and women.

Let me explain…

When God made human beings, he created them ‘male and female’ (Genesis 1:27).

With this design, he made men to have certain attributes and he made women with an alternative set of attributes.

For example, God made men relatively hard and women relatively soft.

Now… when men are expressing their relative hardness and women are expressing their relative softness as designed, the complementary relationship between the two is wonderful — both in beauty and function.

But, unfortunately… with the fall of mankind, this relationship has gone awry… and God’s good work has been twisted into something He never intended.

For instance, sin may cause a man to become overly hard and overbearing… leading his wife to become embittered.

Or, sin may push him in the other direction, making him soft and weak… with the result being that his wife disrepects him.

In either case, the problem is not with God’s design.

The problem is that the design has been distorted… and that distortion can have painful consequences in a marriage.

The good news is… Jesus came to redeem the image of both men and women, so God’s design can be fulfilled.

And this is an often unrecognized way that the gospel can transform your marriage.

So be aware…

While our culture wants to do away with the glorious differences between men and women, God has given His Son to restore them to their rightful place.

And the truth, beauty, and goodness of this is something you can experience in your own marriage as you keep seeking to follow Him.

For your best marriage,

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