Financial Structure of the MEP

There is a $1200 MEP initiation fee outside of counseling fees. This fee may be adapted and reconsidered upon request. The goal of the ministry it to encourage and walk alongside couples in the pursuit of restoration. We will be devout in our efforts to overcome obstacles that may prevent this good work from taking place.

In addition to the initiation fee, The One on One counseling Fee is $130 per 50-85 minute sessions. This cost will vary on a sliding scale. Again, the ministry will work overcome the obstacle of finance. It is encouraged that both spouses meet with their counselor at least one time per week at the outset of the MEP. It is also encouraged that there be an additional joint counseling session weekly. These recommendations may vary based on the needs and situation of each case.

The intensive counseling will range from $1200 for 2-day intensive to up to $2800 for a five day intensive. Scholarships may be requested and will be granted based on available funding and client need.

Nathan C. Bell is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Therefore some insurance companies cover many of his services. The Center for Marriage & Family Enrichment does not file directly with insurance companies.  Instead, we will provide necessary documentation for you to submit to your insurance provider to seek possible reimbursement.

The Center for Marriage & Family Enrichment is in good standing with many local churches. Financial assistance from your local church may be available. Be sure to ask us about it. If we do not already know your pastor, we want to get to know him.

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