Honoring God by Enriching Marriages & Families

It is my pleasure to greet you good friends. This is my first opportunity to write you under the restored minis- try structure. To clarify, the umbrella entity and cover is called “Fulfilling Endeavors”. The vision of “FE” is to realize its namesake by equipping folks to both accomplish and move further into fulfilling endeavors. Any endeavor, if it is to be truly fulfilling, is an endeavor that moves towards the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are committed to promoting the Gospel in all our work.

Right now we are especially investing in a ministry of Fulfilling Endeavor’s, a branch called the “Center for Marriage & Family Enrichment”. It is under this branch and name that we believe all of my work to date, including my counseling, the MEF, MEP and other out- reaches fit. We envision our potential to add additional branches to Fulfilling Endeavors as we grow, stabilize and mature.

The last time many of you heard from me, I was working for Live the Life (LTL), and in particular Live the Life Lakeland. Here is a brief update explaining my transition: Last year and the year preceding, the statewide en ty of LTL lost significant funding due to state grant restructuring. This increased financial pressure to the office of LTL based in Tallahassee. This financial strain, and a simultaneous movement by local pastors in Lakeland supporting my work, prompted a prayerful consideration on towards a transition. We discussed many things as an advisory board. We talked with local leaders. It quickly became clear that movement towards a more local covering was the way to go. The very good news is that at every point Live the Life, their staff and leadership team, and me, all succeeded in supporting one another. Today we are friends and postured to serve along- side one another as the Lord leads and guides.

The result is the restoration of Fulfilling Endeavors and the creation of the Center for Marriage & Family Enrichment! It has been quite a journey to get here with a lot of insight gained in the process. Here we are in 2015 with all of you connected and supportive of this work! There is a vision, a passion and a plan to continue our stand. We believe in the power of Christ, in His Holy Gospel, to literally do all He promises for each of us and especially for marriage and families.

It is my hope to regularly stay in touch with you. I hope to keep you informed first and foremost about how to pray for the things taking place. I intend to keep appealing to those of you who have learned a thing or two, more and more, to be put in positions to help others. We need your financial support as well.

Please look for my outreach in both digital form and through the mail. We are commited to staying in touch.

Warm Regards to you my friends! Keep up the good work.

Nathan C. Bell President & Founder The Center for Marriage & Family Enrichment

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