How the gospel applies to marriage…

Applying the gospel to marriage is at the heart of what we do in our counseling ministry.

But what does that mean? And what does it look like?

An example may help…

Let’s say a couple is going through a stretch where communication in their marriage is painful.

Every conversation seems difficult and on edge… with offenses arising constantly.

Each partner gets prickly.

Bickering comes easy.

And… the more they try to talk things through, the more ensnared in conflict they seem to become.

So how do you get free from this pattern?

By applying the gospel…

…which generally involves three things…

First, there’s a need to recognize that the situation is wrong.

It’s contrary to God’s design and needs to be addressed…

Right now, as the pain of the situation is being felt… and before hearts get any harder.

Second, there’s a need to take personal responsibility for how one’s own behavior may be contributing to the problem.

“Have I been inconsiderate?”

“Have I been focusing on my own interests and perspective and not my spouse’s?”

“Is there something I need to confess and seek forgiveness about?”

These are the kinds of questions that have to be pondered.

And finally… there’s a need to turn to Christ in faith.

God can take situations like this and use them for good… to develop character and make a marriage better… with greater peace and unity.

But for that to happen, we need to turn to Him… and rely on His Spirit to enable us to speak the truth in love to one another… in a way that redeems and builds up.

Now, ideally… each partner in the marriage will become skilled at applying the gospel to their marriage.

When this happens, problem solving is so much quicker and easier.

But the good news is… even when just one spouse applies these principles, it can work wonders in your relationship.

So I encourage you to practice applying the gospel whenever and wherever you can.

For your best marriage,


Written by: Nathan Bell

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