It’s better to deal with issues sooner than later…

Eight years ago my daughter had an ongoing stomach ache.

Kids get stomach aches, so we were hopeful this would just pass… but it wasn’t improving… even with the things we were trying at home.

Finally after two weeks we took her in to get checked… and when the tests were done we discovered she had a WILMS tumor, which is a type of kids kidney cancer.

Once we got over the initial shock of her diagnosis, we were really thankful that we didn’t wait any longer to take her to the doctor – because she was already almost at stage 3…

And, thanks to the diligent attention of the medical community – and the care of supportive friends – we were able to get through this, and my daughter is now fine.

As I recall our experience it reminds me of something I’d like to pass on to you that I believe has a lot of value…

Issues come up in life – and in marriage – that we need to deal with…

And when we become aware of these issues, we’re better off dealing with them sooner than later.

As a counselor – and a husband – I’ve found that we all have hopes that the hard issues of life will just go away…

So we find it easy to ignore them or pretend they’re really not a big deal.

And, sometimes… by God’s grace… issues do become non-issues, and there truly is no more reason for concern.

Yet, many times God chooses for an issue to remain… requiring us to take action and intervene in some way… in order to bring about healing, restoration, and growth.

Now… the action needed can take different forms…

It might mean letting go of some bitterness… seeking forgiveness… or talking through some area that’s creating a stumbling block in the marriage.

What matters most is that when you are aware of the need to deal with an issue, you do so.

If you don’t, the issue is only likely to fester and become more difficult to address later.

So I encourage you… deal with issues as they appear.

I know, this can be difficult… leading to a lot of anxiety and fear…

… And the whole process of admonishing and repenting and forgiving that goes along with handling marital issues can be very uncomfortable…

But dealing with the issues in front of us is God’s way for us to experience His cleansing and renewal… and also grow in peace and joy as couples.
​​​​​​​For your best marriage,

Nathan Bell

Nathan Bell

​​​​​​​P.S. Just as it was with our daughter, there are times we need outside help with the issues we face. If you could use some help overcoming an issue you’re facing in your marriage, please contact our office. It would be a blessing to help you move forward.

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