On the importance of identifying your real enemy…

In the beginning God created the first man and woman to look to Him as their ultimate source for every need.

This was God’s good design, intended for all humanity.

Very quickly though an enemy entered the picture to spoil what God had planned, by deceiving the couple and causing them to question His goodness.

As a result, the man and woman distrusted God, acted on their own, and became separated from Him as their source.

And, they also became separated in their bond to one another…

… leading them to live independently of each other… and inclining them to blame each other for their problems.

Unfortunately, every marriage since has been corrupted by this same distorted pattern.

Now I understand that this story line is probably not news to you.

But I remind you of these facts today so you would be wary of a common problem… and know how to avoid it.

The problem is this…

Since we have inherited the nature of our first parents, we are all vulnerable to being deceived… and misidentifying who our real enemy is…

You see… all too often spouses end up in an adversarial relationship…

… with husbands and wives viewing each other as the enemy…

… and believing that the one they married is somehow standing in the way of their fulfillment.

But this is not according to the truth.

Your spouse is not your enemy.

Yes, spouses are capable of doing nasty things that might make them appear as your enemy.

But your spouse is not your adversary.

Your enemy is the one who is out to ruin God’s design for humanity and plan for your marriage.

And he is the source of all misery – both in and outside of marriage.

Which is something we always need to remember… and protect ourselves against.

The good news is that this real enemy has already been defeated by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

With the result being… husbands and wives can be restored to God as their source… and to one another as loving companions who would stand against their true adversary together.

Experiencing this restoration can come quickly, too.

All it takes is for a couple to turn away from distrust and independence and turn to God in faithful dependence.

For your best marriage,






Written by: Nathan Bell

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