Counseling Services

Intensive Outpatient Program

Effective, Professional, Licensed Mental Health Counseling

  • Specializing: Drug & Alcohol Recovery.
  • Offering: Pivotal insight & Professional care for anyone seeking both sobriety and long term recovery.
  • Offering: Effective treatment plan objectives and personalized strategies.
  • Offering: Professional diagnosis and integrated approaches, collaborating with other health care professionals to meet client needs.
  • Offering: Careful & thoughtful integration of the the 12-step model.
  • Offering: On call help for input needed during clients struggling moments.

Appointment Line- (863) 644-Life (5433)


The Marriage Enhancement Project

The Marriage Enhancement Program (MEP) is a unique and strategic intervention crafted to surround and support a struggling marriage. The couple as joint and individual counseling with Nathan Bell and is also supported by a core group of friends and trained mentor couples. The program is designed to provide regular and consistent contact and to encourage and promote hope and healing.

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Nathan Bell is highly respected as an effective, sensitive and Gospel Centered Christian Counselor. Building on more than 20 years of experience in counseling, he effectively works with everyone of his clients to carefully consider the next best steps to take in the pursuit of healing.

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