Three Things That Everyone Needs

Written by: Gary Sawyer

One of my formative experiences when I was growing up was membership in the Boy Scouts of America, even making it to the rank of Eagle Scout. One of the things that we were required to do as a young scout was to build a fire. I remember early in my scouting adventures, my Scoutmaster teaching me that you had to have three things for a fire: a heat source, fuel, and oxygen. If any of these three things were lacking, you could not have a fire. I actually grasped this concept pretty well and became good at building fires with one match. As time progressed, I mastered building fires without matches at all.

The concept of three things needed for something has translated well into my counseling practice. I have found as I journey with people, that each person needs to have three things in their life so they can be well-rounded and generally healthy mentally, spiritually and physically. These three things are: Something to love, Something to do, and Something to look forward to.

So can you do a little self-reflection and evaluation? Think about it, do you have these three things in your life: Something to love, Something to do and Something to look forward to? How well are each of these working in your life? Is one of these aspects missing or maybe just deficient? It’s a good thing to ponder as we journey a bit on this subject. Next time, we will look at the first of these – “Something to love”.

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This is not your typical 'go out on a date and your marital problems will go away' fix. It teaches communication, expressing your feelings in a non-threatening way, and thinking about the other person - not yourself. But, the biggest part is that it is Christ-centered teaching and it focuses on a closer relationship with Him. I wish we would have had these programs years ago. Bruce and Linda Leber
Seeing the beauty of what marriage is meant to be motivated me to invest thought, time and energy into loving my husband better by God's grace. I'm thankful for the space it carved out in our busy lives, to evaluate our marriage and apply practices that help us connect to the hope we have in Christ as we interact with each other. Laura McCauley