Where to find hope in your marriage

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s a relationship between how much hope you are feeling about your marriage and how motivated you are to work on it.

… If you are hopeful your situation can improve, you’re motivated and willing to persevere through the trials your marriage might present.

… But if you find yourself short on hope, your motivation tends to sputter as well.

This correlation certainly shows how important hope is!

… And it’s something every couple deals with… so let’s talk about it a bit.

In the beginning, God created and designed the first man and woman to walk with Him in trust… and look to Him in hope as the One who would provide all that’s needed and good.

The idea, of course, is that as long as the couple had their hope fixed on Him, every aspect of their lives would be complete and satisfying.

With the Fall, this was disrupted.

Not only did sin and alienation enter the world, but something else happened…

… couples found it natural to place their hope in something other than God.

… that source of hope might be one another or some experience or some material thing… but whatever it is, it isn’t God.

So today couples commonly believe that “if we just had better sex” or “just had more money” our marriage would be happier.

But these are simply common examples of hope misplaced… and when they are expected to be major sources of marital satisfaction, they only bring disappointment.

When Jesus came, He set in motion a restoration process whereby our hope would be brought back to the right place.

That is, back on God.

This does not mean that our desires about issues such as sex and money in marriage are unimportant.

It just means we need to always look at them in the context of a greater hope…

… the hope that God is with us and working out His good purpose in our lives.

And we can be assured of that because of Christ’s death and resurrection in victory.

So… if you’ve been struggling with hope in your marriage, I encourage you to consider where your hope is placed.

If your hope is in your spouse changing or doing something different, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

But if your hope is fixed on Jesus, and His presence and the work He is doing in your marriage, you’ll have a hope that does not disappoint (Rom.5:5).

And motivation to make your relationship all it can be in Him!

For your best marriage,






Written by: Nathan Bell

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