Why stay married?

Couples who are struggling in their marriage may not say it out loud, but they certainly think it:

“Why should I stay married to this person?”

It’s a common question… and it deserves an answer.

The quick and easy answer has to do with your marriage vows.

There was a day — perhaps long ago — when you pledged your love to your spouse.

And that should be sufficient.

But, of course… vows do not in themselves give the kind of relationship and life that makes a marriage worth having.

For this, there must be something more…

There must be the gospel.

In the beginning God created marriage to be a bond of ideal intimacy and companionship.

But with the Fall, every marriage was made harder… from the challenges of living and the hardness of our own hearts.

Both distance and deception entered the picture… leading to all kinds of marital discord and dissatisfaction.

But with the gospel, marriages are made new.

And with Jesus as the head of any marriage, not only is it restored to God’s original design for companionship and intimacy, there’s more…

He also uses every marriage difficulty we face to shape us into His likeness…
making us the kind of people He intends for us to be… bringing us the most fulfilling life possible.

So why stay married?

In a word, it’s the gospel — due to its marriage transforming power.

For your best marriage,






Written by: Nathan Bell

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